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General Information

Visa Entry to Egypt:
Foreigners are granted a visa to the Arab Republic of Egypt at Egyptian consulates abroad.

It is single-entry visa, unless it states that it is a multiple-entry visa within at most six months of date of issue.

To issue a visa for all the nationalities, the following papers are required:
- A passport valid for at least six month.
- Two personal photos with a white background.
- Filling in a visa application.
- A photocopy of the residence card in the foreign country


Filling-in the visa form.
Paying the scheduled fees.
Citizens of some countries must have previous permits before being granted the required visa.
Permission procedures take 15 days. Once the permission issued, the visa procedures begin, thus the visa applicant must contact the consulate to know the latest updates.
For more information, please visit the website of the Egyptian Ministry for Foreign Affairs

If you face difficulties in obtaining your visa, please contact the organizing committee:

General Secretary :
Assistant General Secretary :
GAIF Conference e.mail :

Entry Visa
Entry Visa Application Form
For more details you can contact the Egyptian Mission Abroad in your country … please select your country
To contact Ministry of Foreign Affairs... please use this link

Transportation: Secure the transfer of all participants who arrive at the airport of Cairo or Sharm el-Sheikh airport to the chosen hotels and the venue of the conference., Provide shuttle service within days of the conference to and from the hotels to the conference venue.

Medical Services: Medical Services will be available at the conference venue for emergency and medical needs.

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